Rooted in authenticity, motivated by creativity and community.

The Kandyan was founded by the owners of Rangala Guest house in upcountry Sri Lanka. Head Chef Sam and joint owner of Rangala has an eclectic background yet remains in part grounded in tradition. As a former semi-professional cricketer and now golfer, a successful boutique hotel manager and more, Sam has brought boundless passion to all his endeavours. His latest project, The Kandyan, is no different and is arguably a culmination of years of experience in hospitality. Sam’s journey started at age 14, when he started to experiment at home, driven to build on the traditional methods he encountered locally in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lankan spices grown in his market garden surrounding Rangala House provide an important link between the two projects. Chef Sam is not only using home grown spices, but is also using home-roasted curry powder, his own grown tea, and traditional Sri Lankan techniques. Having lived in Bristol for 9 years, Sam truly is the Bristol Kandyan and in that vein is now growing local herbs in the restaurant’s back-garden and is innovating in his methods to fuse both his heritage and his experiences in England and beyond. The Kandyan is unique in the narrative it writes between cultures and its dance between the local and the unfamiliar. The imported beverages such as Lion lager you’ll struggle to find elsewhere in the city, yet the Bristol context is acknowledged with the use of suppliers such as coffee roasters Clifton Coffee and seasonal vegetables and local eggs and meat.

Sam not only brings a sense of community for Sri Lankans living in Bristol, a cultural experience for those who have never visited Sri Lanka but he also started his own charity. With a passion for both his home country and his sport, cricket, Sam has trained to be a cricket coach and provides free coaching to schools in Rangala. He also collects bag after bag of unused sports kit in England and carries it himself to his home town. If you are interested in contributing to Sam’s efforts, do chat to him about it!

Now with a brilliant team behind him, Sam has opened his dream restaurant’s doors. You’ll find service with a smile, an inclusive menu that is predominantly gluten free with plenty of vegan options. The cooking is versatile and you can ask for the curry to be as hot as you like it.

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